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April 20th Briefing

Today’s news highlights!

April 19th Briefing

Today’s news highlights!

April 17th Briefing

Today’s news highlights! Well, more like the past few days.

March 10th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: droughts and disease outbreaks; the EU being a land of contrasts; the ASS squashing terrorists; massive US wildfires; spluttering economic growth; and some African analysis.

March 7th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Victoria Nuland’s resignation; Macron getting more bloodthirsty; electoral happenings in Bulgaria and Croatia; an Egyptian IMF deal; a kind-of recovery in Sri Lanka, and the ongoing China Two Sessions.

March 4th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Slovakia talking to Russia; Armenia shunning the CTSO; new projects in Russia; Nigerian food shortages; and violence in Haiti increasing as Ariel Henry begs Kenya for police deployments.

March 3rd Briefing

Daily highlights, including: a worldwide shortage of cholera vaccines; the UK trying to criminalize protesting at all essentially; continued self-destruction in Argentina; Chinese phone supremacy growing in Africa and the Middle East; and the US trying and failing to contain the Middle East crisis and China.

A Hexbear Reading List

A large list of theory from left-wing authors.

Week In Summary - January 8th to January 14th, 2024

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.

January 2nd Briefing

Daily highlights, including: