The United States vetoed a draft resolution which would have granted Palestine state recognition in the UN. The UK and Switzerland abstained and the other 12 countries voted yes.E

The Euro has hit a historic low in SWIFT transactions, dipping below 22% in March. In January 2023, international settlements in the euro stood at 38%. The yuan has risen to 4.69%, due to the creation of CIPS, a separate network from SWIFT.RT

Macron has said that it is impossible for the West to provide Ukraine with a version of the Iron Dome because it has neither the time nor the resources to accomplish provide Ukraine with an air defense system of that magnitude; I imagine especially now that it’s been officially confirmed to be totally useless.RT

Poland’s first nuclear power plant is estimated to cost over $35 billion, and is being constructed by US nuclear corporations. It is projected to be online in 2033.BNE

Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia have stated their aims to build small modular reactors (SMRs) in order to provide a backup to renewable energy and enhance energy security, although none of them yet have firm plans. If the decision was made today, it would take about a decade to get them online.BNE

Croatia’s ruling conservative party won a plurality but not majority of seats in the parliamentary election, scoring 61 out of 151. This is slightly down from 66 in 2020. The center-left coalition led by the SDP won 42.E

Dubai International Airport has limited incoming flights for 48 hours due to flash flooding, which has now largely subsided, causing major backlogs.BNE

Niger is set to deliver 150 million litres of diesel to neighbouring Mali, after the two countries signed a partnership, facilitated by the China National Petroleum Corporation.AN

While an important section of Uganda’s anti-LGBTQIA+ law was struck down, thus allowing them access to healthcare (especially HIV/AIDS treatment), most of the law remains in place. Additionally, there is concern that doctors suggesting treatment could fall under the anti-”promotion” law, and if you are found with things like lubrication, it is quickly assumed that you are gay and thus may receive a life imprisonment.OD

An independent inquiry carried out by the Raoul Wallenberg Centre has found that there is “clear and convincing evidence” that the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) paramilitary and its allied militias “have committed and are committing genocide against the Masalit,” a Black African group.MEE

China has levied anti-dumping penalties on over 40% of imports of propionic acid from the US, which is used for foods, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and drug intermediates, in response to similar actions from the US.SCMP

Major US financial institutions, including MSCI and BlackRock, have invested over $6.5 billion in Chinese firms last year, of which some money has gone towards Chinese weaponry, and the US is not happy about this.SCMP

China’s southwest province of Yunnan, a leading hydropower producer, is experiencing a major drought as rainfall is down 42% from average levels this year. Alternative power generation such as thermal, solar, and wind generation is picking up the slack, so power generation this year has still increased overall.SCMP

As Ariel Henry resigned last month, Haiti is currently under the “control” of the Transitional Presidential Council, hatched by CARICOM leaders via the command of the US. The TPC cannot actually govern because of the lack of state control inside Haiti, and they cannot invite the Kenyan police force yet, so former US ambassadors and think tanks are proposing that the US send troops or mercenaries to guard the TPC. The US ultimately hopes to select a new Haitian leader who will sign the Global Fragility Act, which would base US troops in Haiti.HL

Argentina, famously located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, is applying to join NATO, an organization which is famously doing quite well nowadays.MP In practice, Milei would need to get the approval of Argentina’s Congress, which may be difficult given how little support he has there.NC

Colombia has expressed its interest in joining BRICS, and Brazil is promoting its candidacy.RT