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March 10th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: droughts and disease outbreaks; the EU being a land of contrasts; the ASS squashing terrorists; massive US wildfires; spluttering economic growth; and some African analysis.

December 8th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Scholz being very unpopular in Germany; Burkina Faso bans the French language, which I wholeheartedly support; China grants tariff-free access to more African countries to boost trade; protests by the Maori in New Zealand against fascistic policies; and the meeting of two epic Reddit presidents.

December 5th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: fossil fuel corporations at COP28; Nepalese same-sex marriage; sanctions on Uganda; Niger decoupling from France and the EU; Argentinian trade unions saying strong words against Milei; and another tentative step towards an Asian NATO.

Week In Summary - December 4th to December 10th, 2023

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.