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November 30th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Slovakia and Poland continuing to be angry at competitive Ukrainian prices; Iran confirms that it is receiving Russian aircraft; a new diamond mine in Angola amid a bad diamond market; water levels in the Mississippi causing problems for US farmers; continuing chaos in Haiti; and a Colombia coal mine exploited by a Europe which claims to care about human rights.

November 28th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Germany’s budgetary crisis after Scholz fucks up; Niger repealing an anti-migration law affecting Europe; the development of CropWatch since 1998; the successes of Nicaragua since 2018; and the battles between US and Chinese visions of supply chains.

November 25th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: news on the EU Hydrogen Bank; the Belt and Road Initiative; the Madagascar elections; South Africa and Colombia trying to ensure medical drug access; and the Honduras Prospera case.

November 23rd Briefing

Daily highlights, including: a fascist victory in the Netherlands; a migrant feud between Finland and Russia; DPRK and South Korea tensions rising; the UN agrees to withdraw from the DRC; war in Sudan causing problems internally and externally; and major east African flooding.

Week In Summary - November 20th to November 26th, 2023

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.