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April 19th Briefing

Today’s news highlights!

April 17th Briefing

Today’s news highlights! Well, more like the past few days.

March 10th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: droughts and disease outbreaks; the EU being a land of contrasts; the ASS squashing terrorists; massive US wildfires; spluttering economic growth; and some African analysis.

March 7th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Victoria Nuland’s resignation; Macron getting more bloodthirsty; electoral happenings in Bulgaria and Croatia; an Egyptian IMF deal; a kind-of recovery in Sri Lanka, and the ongoing China Two Sessions.

March 4th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Slovakia talking to Russia; Armenia shunning the CTSO; new projects in Russia; Nigerian food shortages; and violence in Haiti increasing as Ariel Henry begs Kenya for police deployments.

March 3rd Briefing

Daily highlights, including: a worldwide shortage of cholera vaccines; the UK trying to criminalize protesting at all essentially; continued self-destruction in Argentina; Chinese phone supremacy growing in Africa and the Middle East; and the US trying and failing to contain the Middle East crisis and China.

Week In Summary - January 8th to January 14th, 2024

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.

January 2nd Briefing

Daily highlights, including:

Week In Summary - December 25th to December 31st, 2023

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.

December 23rd Briefing

Daily highlights, including: bad times for the SAF in the Sudan War; Japan increases military spending; and Ukrainian officials say that Ukrainians abroad should be pressured to return home and fight.