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December 19th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: developing countries’ debt payments reaches $443 billion per year; Germany reaches a big deal with Equinor; Sisi wins the Egyptian election with record turnout; Chileans reject far-right constitution; Colombia’s drug war is restarting; and Yemen to soon take on combined might of Western navies in their heroic efforts to defend Gaza.

Week In Summary - December 18th to December 24th, 2023

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.

December 16th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: the consequences of deporting refugees from Pakistan; a meeting between China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia; a cold snap in China; the Chadian referendum; and hyperinflation in Argentina as the government braces to combat a potential revolutionary uprising.

December 15th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: EU opening membership talks with Ukraine, though still far from joining the EU; the 12th sanctions package; a northern Myanmar ceasefire; and Venezuela and Guyana pledge to avoid escalation.

December 14th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Poland to potentially legalize same-sex marriages; Xi visits Vietnam and signs a bunch of deals; China suffering from success in EV and solar panel production; Niger to begin exporting crude oil with China’s help; and new challenges dredging the Mississippi River.

December 12th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: French lawmakers rejecting an immigration bill; the fall of PiS in Poland; South Korea’s president going to the Netherlands; and yet more goddamn sanctions on Russia.

Week In Summary - December 11th to December 17th, 2023

Headlines and analysis from around the world over the previous week.

December 8th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Scholz being very unpopular in Germany; Burkina Faso bans the French language, which I wholeheartedly support; China grants tariff-free access to more African countries to boost trade; protests by the Maori in New Zealand against fascistic policies; and the meeting of two epic Reddit presidents.

December 7th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: Italy pulling out of the Belt and Road, Russia’s oil revenues fully recovering, and Guy Philippe returning to Haiti.

December 6th Briefing

Daily highlights, including: a restart of the dipshit UK-Rwanda policy; record snowfall in Russia; nuclear power on the upswing as China develops the first fourth-generation plant; Peru’s Fujimori to be released from prison; and Maduro to develop the Esequibo despite not actually controlling it (yet).