Welcome back to the bulletins website! My protracted people’s war with the character limit flared up once again this year when the website died, forcing me to have obnoxious 5-part comment threads. From now on, these long weekly threads will go on this website. I made a decision a couple months ago to pretty much only post the headlines, both to cut down the size of the posts a little, and to give myself a little more time every day to do other things in my not-incredibly-bountiful free time, such as reading and contributing to ProleWiki. This, plus some other minor time-saving improvements I’ve made to my workflow, has substantially decreased the amount of time it takes to put these out.

Sometimes a headline is basically all there is to an article, or tells you “Oh, I really don’t want to fucking read this garbage.” However, posting mere headlines isn’t really that great for more nuanced and complicated articles, which warrant more discussion, and have more interesting information, than the headline provides. Therefore, a few days ago, I relaunched daily… updates, bulletins, briefings, whatever you want to call them, reminiscent of how the news megathreads started out a few decades ago in spring-summer 2022. These are, however, much smaller and thus reasonably readable, containing some of the articles I found in the last 24-48 hours that I found interesting but didn’t necessarily warrant entire separate comments about them like pertinent leftist analysis - or a really fucking bad article from the mainstream media - would. These will generally be posted every day except on Sundays, as Sundays are when I put the weekly posts together (and there’s generally fewer articles published on the weekends anyway).

I am tentatively switching to the world-systems analysis model for the weekly posts. You probably know it even if you haven’t explicitly seen that name used for it - the concept of imperial core countries and an exploited periphery and so on. I’ve essentially used the world map in the unarchived version of article I just linked to, with a couple minor changes (I made South Korea a core country, put Venezuela on the periphery, and Iran in the semi-periphery) but I’m sure there’s going to be a few more countries to set straight. Countries will still be grouped together by region inside these broader categories so it’s not a huge mess, but I always found it a little grating to have two entirely different countries in entirely different economic situations (e.g., Ukraine and the United Kingdom) be right next to each other merely because they’re in the same overall region. It also means that if you are a die-hard “another kkkrackkker down unlimited genocide on the first world” fan, you can just skip past the Imperial Core category entirely. Not that there’s even much to say about it nowadays other than “It’s going downhill rapidly and committing massive and obscene atrocities as it falls.”

The Imperial Core


Geopolitical Rivals Are Key Suppliers of West’s Green Energy MaterialsNC
Farmer and peasant organisations from Europe and South America unite against the “modernisation” of the EU-Chile Free Trade AgreementB
EU’s 35 bcm target for biomethane ‘unrealistic’, campaigners say;E EU mission to cut packaging waste riles ‘every industry’;FT Europe’s buildings are off track to climate neutrality;E The EU Overhauls Its Law Covering Environmental Crimes, Banning Specific Acts and Increasing Penalties;ICN Climate aid to poorer nations should not rely on 1992 calculations, EU insists.E
€800 million to jolt the market: Europe’s hydrogen boosters activate.E
The EU’s Desperate Need for a New Economic FrameworkMH

Alleged plot to assassinate Sikh separatist complicates US-India tiesFT


Finland closes all but one border crossing with Russia;BNE Russia Regrets Finland’s Plans to Shut Border CrossingsTS
Lithium mine project draws hope, anxiety in French region hit by deindustrialisationE
Germany considers suspending debt brake as coalition cracks showE
Nigeria and Germany agree deal on gas and renewables;DW Germany pledges to invest €4 billion in green energy projects in Africa;DW Rome, Berlin plan massive hydrogen pipeline to AfricaE
Steaming cracks in Iceland fishing village after weeks of small volcanic earthquakesEN
Geert Wilders: Far-right populist wins big in Dutch election;DW Far-Right Geert Wilders Won the Dutch Election Because the Establishment Indulged HimJ
Spain’s Sánchez forms ‘iron dome’ government to withstand stiff opposition from PP, VoxE Very poor choice of words.
Tesla strikes in Sweden are ‘insane’, says Elon MuskFT
British household debt to double in three years – reportRT
Number of teachers in England and Wales retiring early jumps by 40%FT

South Korea suspends military agreement with North;DW DPRK suspends 2018 military accord with ROK;CGTN DPRK’s Kim views U.S. military installation photos taken from spaceCGTN
Legal challenge to Australian government’s new laws to impose inhuman conditions on released refugeesWSWS
Australia: First Nations push for water rights in extended Murray Darling Basin planGL
Far-right government formed in New ZealandWSWS
New surge in New Zealand COVID-19 cases and deathsWSWS

Understanding America’s Post-Industrial EconomyMH Michael Hudson, Glenn Diesen, and Mercouris.
New semiconductor factories are rising in US, but billions in Chips Act money has yet to flowSCMP
Thanksgiving travel fuels latest COVID-19 wave amid collapse of public health;WSWS What I’m Reading: Pushing back on pandemic revisionism.IM ‘Jarring Wake-Up Call’: Hunger Surges in US After Food Aid CutsSP
Only 40% of Americans believe the US President is doing a good job, with 34% backing his handling of the Hamas-Israel conflictRT
Foreign buyers moving away from US debt – WSJRT
On top of billions in USDA pandemic aid, farmers got $5.8 billion in PPP loans;IM Who’s Buying Nebraska? Corporations, investors grabbing giant chunks of Nebraska farmlandIM
As New York Officials Push Clean Hydrogen Project, Indigenous Nation Sees a Threat to Its LandICN After a long defeat, Labor is rising from the ashesMR
Union Pacific Fired Him Rather Than Heed His Warnings of Dangerous Rail Condition;PP Fire extinguished after train derailment sparks chemical spill in KentuckyCGTN
Dirty Water and Dead Rice: The Cost of the Clean Energy Transition in Rural Minnesota;ICN Pumped Storage Hydro Could be Key to the Clean Energy Transition. But Where Will the Water Come From?;ICN Conservation programs offer solutions to climate threats, but are vastly underfunded;IM What Happened to the Great Lakes Offshore Wind Boom?ICN
UPS opens huge automated warehouse, where robots outnumber people 15 to 1WSWS
U.S. Navy plane overshoots runway and goes into a bay in HawaiiCGTN
The end of American Thanksgivings: A cause for Universal rejoicingMR
Profits, paycheques and the financialization of Canada’s grocery chainsCD

The Manitoba NDP’s promise to not raise taxes will delay the progress we desperately needCD
Building grassroots tenant power in Toronto’s Oakwood-Vaughan;CD 420,000 Quebec public sector workers launch three-day strike;WSWS “There is not enough staff and wages are low”: Striking Quebec healthcare worker speaks out on deteriorating public services and Gaza genocide.WSWS

The Semi-Periphery


Russia-China de-dollarization almost complete – deputy PM;RT Russia-China trade to hit $300 billion;RT Xi Jinping: China ready to work with Russia to deepen bilateral tiesCGTN


Polls: Greek socialists overtake the Left ranking secondE
Irish government proposes dramatic reform of military policyEN
Riots hit Dublin after five, including children, injured in knife attackCGTN

34 people arrested in Dublin after protests sparked by stabbingsCGTN
Moldova’s grain harvest is stuck in the global food bottleneck due to Ukrainian land transportation of grain.EN

Moldova halved natural gas consumption since 2021BNE Hostile takeover: NATO’s annexation of MontenegroGZ
Polish industrial production returns on growth path in OctoberBNE Polish producer prices deepen fall in OctoberBNE Polish farmers to join Ukraine blockade – BloombergRT Romania slashed one fifth of coal use in less than two yearsBNE
New Slovak government wins confidence voteBNE
Disinformation experts are leaving Fico’s government in SlovakiaE
Slovak PM suspends ‘all communication’ with major mediaE
Slovak premier says he is suspending communication with liberal media.BNE
Slovenian banks, companies to help finance post-flood reconstructionE

Azerbaijan: Journalists arrested as state media signal hunt for “U.S. spies”EN
Azerbaijan accuses France of stoking ‘new wars’ in CaucasusE
Iran’s barring of nuclear inspectors is serious blow to IAEA’s work, Grossi saysE
China, Saudi Arabia sign currency swap agreementCGTN
Turkey: Europe’s rubbish dumpET
Türkiye’s Quake Survivors Yearn for Permanent HousingTS
Turkey beats market expectations with another 500bp rate hike;BNE Turkey hikes interest rate to 40% in bid to curb double-digit inflationEN
Erdogan set to push Scholz for Eurofighter jet sales in Berlin meetingBNE

Pneumonia clusters among children in China. A new disease, or a bunch of old ones?IM The second.
Beijing again tops Nature Index global science city rankingsCGTN
China’s ‘best defence’ is poultry vaccine as bird flu spreads from Europe, AfricaSCMP
Rubbish in, rubbish out: China university study finds methane emissions hole in climate change modelsSCMP
China launches world’s fastest internet with 1.2 terabit per second link, years ahead of forecastsSCMP
China is king of these critical metals. The battle over their supply has ensnared Southeast AsiaCNA Rare earths.
China demand hopes drive copper prices to two-month peakSCMP
China supply-chain expo: Apple, Amazon and other ‘enthusiastic’ industry giants to see how self-reliant China has becomeSCMP
Absorbing pressure: Bodily ‘tension’ in a changing Himalayan worldDE

South Africa, Colombia and others are fighting drugmakers over access to TB and HIV drugsAN
S.Africa seeks to tempt disaffected voters back to electionsAN
Russian metals major Nornickel selling stake in Nkomati JV in South Africa to African Rainbow MineralsBNE

Inside the secretive network of pro-choice activists on the US-Mexico borderOD
Cadence Minerals Plc – Sonora lithium investment update – Request for treaty negotiations with MexicoB
The Far-Reaching Implications of Javier “the Wig” Milei’s Election Victory in ArgentinaNC
On foreign policy, Argentina’s Milei leans neoconservative, not libertarianRS
Chinese official warns Milei it would be a mistake to cut tiesMP
Decoupling with China impossible amid Argentina’s economic woes, but ties likely to enter trial period with far-right Milei’s election win: expertsGT
Brazil and Argentina not so confrontational after all, Itamaraty/O’Globo reportMP
Argentina is no longer joining Brics, says top aide to Javier Milei, right-wing presidential winnerSCMP
Milei plans to privatize Paraná-Paraguay WaterwayMP
Argentina’s Javier Milei backs away from dollarisation as central bank pick rejects roleFT
Who chooses Argentina’s next cabinet? Not Milei apparentlyMP
Uruguay, China deepen bilateral tiesMP
China, Uruguay eye deepening ties as Lacalle starts China visitGT

The Periphery


China releases 10-year vision, action plan for BRI, focusing on green, digital development and supply chainGT
Experts Call for BRI Cooperation, Africa IndustrializationTS
China seeks cooperation in aerospace and aviation with BRI partner countriesCGTN
China targeted by climate campaigners over controversial East Africa oil pipeline projectSCMP
Comparing How the West and China Offer Loans to Developing CountriesNC

Capitalism, war and plunder in the Horn of AfricaROAPE
Palestine’s challenge to AfricaROAPE
The three-stage process through which African resource sovereignty was ceded to foreign mining corporationsROAPE
In Africa, demands for slavery reparations grow louderDW
Malaria: Shipments to African countries herald final steps toward broader vaccination - WHOAN
More than 40% of African financial institutions want single African currency – surveyB Apparently relatively biased poll, but an interesting article regardless of the title’s accuracy.
Angola and Nigeria are reportedly requesting that OPEC+ allows them to produce more oil.RT

Amazon region hit by trio of droughts in grim snapshot of the century to comeTC


Russian And Chinese Focus Alights On Iraq’s Strategically Vital Akkas ProjectNC
US reviewing possible ‘terrorist’ designations for Yemen HouthisE

Afghanistan to establish more cervical cancer centers: health officialPD
Chinese-built road paves way to better life for AfghansPD
Afghanistan announces permanent closure of embassy in IndiaCGTN
Uzbekistan’s president urges UN Central Asia summit to “not leave Afghanistan alone with its problems”BNE
EU, Kazakhstan vow to ‘go beyond’ raw materials-based relationshipE
Kazakhstan: Authorities to gingerly allow LPG prices to riseBNE
Kazakhstan introduces digital national currencyEN
Kazakhstan: Government tackles personal debt mountain, but not everyone is happyBNE
Central Asia: All roads seem to lead to MongoliaEN Just like old times.
Pakistan applies for BRICS membership – envoyRT
The inhumanity of Pakistan’s forced deportation of Afghan refugeesCD
The ruble’s share in Russia’s trade with Tajikistan topped 80% during the first half of 2023RT
EDB considering allocating resources to Tajikistan’s Rogun hydropower mega projectBNE
Uzbekistan’s attack drone fleet unveiledBNE

US confident Arab states will not weaponise oil, says Biden adviserFT Probably true, at this point. At least, no more than it already has been. Although, you could bring a weapon TO the oil…
Maldives issues military demand to India to withdraw equipmentRT

Is Myanmar’s Armed Resistance on the Verge of Victory against a Brutal Military Junta?NC
Burning Coal To Survive Climate ChangeN An interesting look into coal energy generation in Bangladesh, and what people there think about it.

Burkina Faso: more than 350 deaths from dengue fever in a monthAN
Chad struggles with soaring refugee crisisAN
Chad opposition leader urges reconciliation with military regimeAN
Chad: is Succès Masra being rejected by the opposition?AN
The crisis of displaced persons in eastern DR Congo is giving life to new forms of solidarityET
DR Congo: UN mission to withdraw peacekeepersAN
DRC: Fear mounts among residents as M23 rebels claim to capture new town in the eastAN
DRC: campaigning for presidential elections officially launchedAN
Struggles Persist in Remote Areas as DR Congo’s Election ApproachesAN
Work on Egyptian nuclear power plant ahead of schedule - RosatomRT
Ethiopia, Somalia wars weave debt wobbleBNE
Ghana’s flood victims blame government for overflowing dam destructionCCN
Ghana bauxite deposits in Ashanti region 50% higher than historic estimate, MRE showsBNE
Liberian President George Weah concedes election defeatRT
Who is President-elect Joseph Boakai, political veteran set to lead Liberia?AN
Liberia: Boakai officially elected president, Weah’s elegance praisedAN
Madagascar: opposition plans to “reject” presidential election resultsAN
Mali: Minusma hands over 9th base to authoritiesAN
Mali: Niger’s military leader makes first foreign visit to BamakoAN The ASS is coming together, or it will otherwise spread apart.
Russia to build gold refinery in MaliRT
Nigeria to join BRICS in next two years – FMRT
Nigeria: clashes between jihadists, more than 60 deaths fearedAN
Senegal: polarized public opinion in Sonko caseAN
Senegal: opposition leader Sonko ends hunger strikeAN
Somalia floods: provisional death toll reaches 50;AN Flooding crisis exacerbates food insecurity in east AfricaAN
After seven months of war, Sudan faces risk of collapseAN
Sudan: Darfuri rebels split as RSF offensive on al-Fasher loomsMEE
32 dead in attacks in disputed region between Sudan and South SudanAN
Zambia’s Hichilema in Italy to strengthen bilateral tiesAN
Zimbabwean mining group Kuvimba earmarks $220mn for lithium mine developmentBNE
Zimbabwe: banking sector faces 75% job decrease Since 2000AN
Zimbabwe: Cholera, Authorities Call for Hygiene PracticesTS

Presidents Maduro and Petro Strengthen Map of Strategic CooperationR
Ecuador’s new president Daniel Noboa was sworn in on ThursdayCGTN
Syria and Cuba Sign Diplomatic Cooperation AgreementTS
Honduras is fighting back against corporate colonialismB
Protests Against Mining Project Continue in PanamaTS
Violence Limits Medical Care in HaitiTS
At least 27 die in Dominican Republic due to heavy rainMP
Jamaica To Tighten Gun Control LawTS

Global Institutions

The Other China Shock: How Surging Chinese Imports Transformed Global AgricultureNC
Yuan outpacing euro as major trade-funding currency.RT
Cheap yuan catapults China to second-biggest trade funding currencyR
The world economy is struggling under overwhelming stress caused by the unwise macroeconomic policies of some countries, Putin says at G20.RT

The Second Cold War



Turkey again spikes wheels of Sweden’s NATO bid.BNE
Finland Is Hellbent on Positioning Itself as a Frontline NATO State Against RussiaNC
Poland’s De Facto Blockade Of Ukraine Is Its Outgoing Government’s Last Power PlayNC
Russia says co-existence not possible with Ukraine’s current ‘regime’R


Why US-led sanctions on Russia are a failureRS
Greek shippers exit Russian oil trade to avoid US sanctionsE The article essentially concludes that the slack will be taken up by others, as it has been for the war so far.
Will Vostok Oil be able to survive under sanctions?BNE
Israel’s largest banks block Russian assets – mediaRT
Russian property buyers flooding back to EURT


Ukraine End Game: Putin and Medvedev Discuss Maps, Putting Kiev on the MenuNC Article #384290523 from Naked Capitalism on the ever-approaching endgame.
A Look At Others’ Notes On UkraineMoA
Washington Post lifts the veil on CIA’s shadow war against Russia waged since 2014MR
NATO plans ‘military Schengen’;RT NATO’s Proposed “Military Schengen” Is a Thinly Disguised German Power Play Over PolandNC
Switzerland approves tank returns to Germany; Kyiv to profitDW
Foreign mercenaries abandoning Ukrainian army – officerRT They’ve got a different conflict to go fight in.
Zelensky flags new military conscription driveRT
Ukraine has lost over 13,000 troops this month – MoscowRT
Russia launches biggest drone attack on Kyiv since start of the warEN
UN: Civilian death toll in Russia-Ukraine conflict tops 10,000CGTN
India and Russia hold naval drills togetherRT



South China Sea: pressure mounts on Beijing in region as Marcos says Philippines will never give an inchSCMP
Foreign ministers of China, Japan and South Korea to meet on Sunday for first time in 4 years, Seoul confirmsSCMP


Biden’s Economic Plan to Counter China’s Surging Economic Influence in Asia is Now at Death’s DoorCGS
Pentagon says Congress funding fights delay programmes to counter ChinaSCMP
Chinese envoy rejects EU’s allegations of EV overcapacity exportsCGTN
China’s US Treasury holdings hit 14-year lowTBS True, but moved into different holdings. On the whole, Chinese holdings of various bonds and shit isn’t significantly decreasing.


Fifth force: is China adding hypersonic ‘near-space command’ to its military for ‘precise and merciless’ attacks?SCMP
Experts refute Australian charge claiming PLA destroyer’s use of sonar ‘unprofessional,’ question Australian frigate’s location, purpose in incidentGT



A paradigm shift in the hundred years’ war on Palestine?MR
Why is Latin America so pro-Palestine?RS
Israel in diplomatic row with Spain and Belgium over Gaza bombardmentFT
Israel-Hamas war strains Indonesia, Malaysia ties with WestDW
Morocco: normalization with Israel hampered by the war in GazaAN
Xi to attend BRICS extraordinary virtual summit on Palestinian-Israeli issueCGTN
Israel-Gaza war: China to host foreign ministers from Arab and Islamic countries in search for end to conflict;SCMP Chinese FM hosts Arab and Islamic counterparts in BeijingCGTN
As BRICS leaders meet, Ramaphosa denounces “collective punishment of Palestinian civilians”;AN South African lawmakers vote to shut Israel’s embassy;DW Israel recalls envoy to South AfricaRT You can’t fire me, I quit!
Erdogan slams Israel as “terror state” as lieutenants file “genocide” case at world courtBNE
PFLP Nov. 18 Statement and Call for War Crime TrialsRC
The US Labor Movement’s Pro-Israel Consensus Is Starting to CrackJ
‘This is McCarthyism all over again’: NY court blocks union from voting on pro-Palestine resolutionRNN
Student groups calling for ceasefire and Palestine solidarity face repression by universitiesPW
Overcoming police bans, Jews and Arabs unite for Tel Aviv ceasefire protestPW


State treasuries send money to fund the Israeli war on GazaPW
Israeli venture capital deals slow sharply since start of Hamas warFT


U.S. Is Helping Israel To Commit And Hide War CrimesMoA
Israel and Hamas agree to exchange prisoners as part of four day ’truce’MEE
Israeli Ocuppation Forces Open Fire on Gazans Despite TruceTS
Hamas-Israel Hostage Deal Only a Pause in Destruction of Gaza;NC Israel’s Gaza “truce”: A pause to reload the guns for the next stage in the genocide against the PalestiniansWSWS
Israeli Occupation Forces Kill Two Al Mayadeen JournalistsTS Pre-ceasefire.
Israel strikes Lebanon’s southern city of Nabatieh for first time since 2006 warCGTN Pre-ceasefire.
Israel-Palestine: Doctor recalls ‘indescribable’ al-Shifa siege and expulsionMEE
Israeli Ships To Be Considered Military Targets: HouthisTS
US embarks on proxy war against IranIP
Iran: New Battle Fronts If Gaza War ContinuesTS

Left Critique:

Israel-Palestine war: This is not about Hamas. It’s a 75-year colonial warMR
Time to stop settler colonialism under cloak of ‘victimhood’MR
Why Palestine is a feminist and an anti-colonial issueROAPE
Walter Rodney and Palestinian LiberationROAPE
Palestinians have the right to resist.GL

Miscellaneous Analysis


Polio is on the brink of eradication. Here’s how to keep it from coming back.N
Researchers are adapting bacteria that can isolate and purify rare earth elements in the absence of harsh chemicals.N
SDS storms fed by sand and dust equal in weight to 350 Great Pyramids of Giza, says UNCCDBNE Sorry, I’m British - what’s that in Stonehenges?
Restoring forests can boost global carbon capture, major study findsE
Record-breaking heat set to hit southern hemisphere as summer beginsN
Swathes of Earth are turning into desert — but the degradation can be stoppedN
World must rapidly cut emissions or see nearly 3 C warmingDW
Five Key Narratives to Watch For at COP28DS
‘Loss and damage’ — the most controversial words in climate finance today;N Climate loss-and-damage funding: a mechanism to make it workN
Whatever the state of US-China relations, panda diplomacy must endSCMP


HM 2023: value, profit, technology and value againMR
The Dystopian AI Future Some Fear Is the Present-Day Reality Others LiveFAIR

Dipshittery and Cope:

“France is in no way being driven out of Africa” says Foreign trade MinisterAN
Europe’s problem? It’s too attractiveFT


Content Warning - this is usually not good news.

Trans People Continue to Be Murdered at Extreme Rates as Republicans Push Transphobic LawsA
Florida Bill Could Restrict All LGBTQ+ NonprofitsA
Russia could ban adoption to pro-transgender countriesRT
Victims of anti-gay laws in France could be compensated under new billEN

I Love My Trans Comrades!