RT: Putin weighs in on root cause of Ukraine conflict

“I understand that we have not gathered here for serious discussions of political issues, but still, if there had not been a coup d’état in Ukraine in 2014, none of this would have happened. Simply none of it.”

The US “midwifed” the Maidan protests, in the infamous words of Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, resulting in a successful power grab, fuelled by nationalists. Putin described them as “open neo-Nazis” who glorify WWII Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, killer of Russians, Poles, Jews and “everyone down the line, on Hitler’s orders.”

Al Jazeera: Zelenskyy criticises Kyiv Mayor Klitschko over power cuts

In a rare public spat involving Ukrainian leaders, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy criticised the mayor of Kyiv for doing what he said was a poor job setting up emergency shelters to help those without power and heat after Russian attacks.

WSWS: UK strike wave escalates as over 200,000 walk out this week

Britain’s strike wave is growing despite all attempts by the trade union bureaucracy to bring it under control. Thursday and Friday both saw strike action by over 200,000 workers.

RT: Finland to return sanctioned Russian property

The decision to return the railcars was made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on November 15 following an appeal from Finnish railway operators and the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency (Traficom). According to the appeal, the storage and maintenance of the trains turned out to be too costly and difficult for the rail system operators. In addition, it was noted that some of the railcars contained hazardous substances.

Reuters: Poland and Germany near deal to keep Russian oil pledge with Schwedt in sight

Poland is seeking German support to slap EU sanctions on the Polish-German section of the Druzhba crude pipeline so Warsaw can abandon a deal to buy Russian oil next year without paying penalties, two sources familiar with the talks said.

East Asia and Oceania

Reuters: China’s Shenzhen Energy signs long-term LNG contract with BP

China’s Shenzhen Energy Group (000027.SZ) has signed a long-term agreement with oil major BP (BP.L) to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG), aiming to lock in supplies with gas-fired power generation poised to surge in the world’s second-largest economy.

Reuters: Protests erupt in Xinjiang and Beijing after deadly fire

Inquirer: Taiwan votes in local elections amid tensions with China

WSWS: Sri Lankan president threatens to crush anti-government struggles

Central Asia and the Middle East

TeleSUR: Russia, Yemen Discuss Russian Food Supplies to the Republic

Russian and Yemeni officials met on Thursday to discuss the provision of Russian food aid to the Yemeni people through UN-linked mechanisms.


Guardian: Kyiv opens Grain from Ukraine scheme to get food to Africa’s poorest countries

Wow, I definitely believe that this was done out of the kindness of Zelensky’s heart and definitely isn’t an attempt to try and weaken Russian influence over Africa!

In a move that challenges the Russian narrative that the west’s response to its war on Ukraine has aggravated pre-existing food shortages in Africa, Zelenskiy said ships moving out of the Ukrainian port of Odesa can reach humanitarian hotspots such as Sudan, Yemen and Somalia, but only so long as international funding comes forward to subsidise the grain.

Oh, Guardian, how I wish all your journalists would be [REDACTED].

All Africa: Ghana to Use Gold to Buy Oil Instead of U.S. Dollars to Address Debt Distress

North America

RT: US bans Chinese tech imports over ‘risk’ to national security

Washington has banned the import and sales of new telecommunications equipment from China’s largest manufacturers due to “an unacceptable risk” they allegedly pose to US national security.

WSWS: Dockworkers strike at the Port of Mobile after federal mediation collapses

Eight hundred International Longshoremen’s Association (ILA) Local 1410 members began a strike Tuesday against the CSA Equipment Company at the Port of Mobile in Alabama. Workers were originally set to strike on October 21 until the union agreed to federal mediation less than 24 hours before the October 20 deadline. But those talks were later canceled, and the membership voted to strike at a “special meeting” held on November 18.

Naked Capitalism: The Diesel Crunch Is Finally Causing Demand Destruction

Originally published at OilPrice.

High prices seem to have started to weigh on diesel demand in the United States, where distillate inventories – comprising diesel and heating oil – have been slowly rising over the past few weeks. American distillate inventories are still below the five-year average, but the gap in stocks compared to previous years has slowly started to narrow, suggesting that high prices are hitting demand, while encouraging more refinery output thanks to solid refining margins.

South America

TeleSUR: Petrocaribe Agreement Between Venezuela and Belize Announced

TeleSUR: Venezuela: Govt Delegation Arrives in Mexico to Sign Agreement

The delegation of the Venezuelan government arrived on Friday in Mexico, where it plans to sign a partial agreement with representatives of a sector of the country’s opposition during the reinstallation of the dialogue table to be held in the Aztec nation, said the head of the delegation, Jorge Rodriguez.

The Ukraine Proxy Conflict

RT: A third of Western howitzers sent to Ukraine out of action – NYT

According to US officials and other people “familiar with Ukraine’s defense needs” interviewed by the outlet, one third of the 350 howitzers that the West has sent to Ukraine are out of action at any given time.


Inside the Imperial Core

Naked Capitalism: Poland’s Coming Economic Collapse: A Story in 8 Tweets

Outside the Imperial Core

Counterpunch: Understanding Haiti as a Case Study of Capitalist Modernity

Climate Change

Common Dreams: ‘Amazing News’: Historic Shark Protections Approved at Global Wildlife Convention

Up to 90% of sharks targeted by the lucrative fin trade will now be protected, said one advocate.

Guardian: Sharks, songbirds and species depleted by pet trade given extra protections