RT: EU hoarding Russian diesel before ban

According to the report, Russian diesel shipments headed to the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp (ARA) storage region surged to 215,000 barrels per day from November 1 to November 12. It is a 126% increase from October, according to Pamela Munger, Vortexa senior market analyst.

Euro News: Gas explosion kills nine people on Russia’s Sakhalin island

WSWS: IG Metall union in Germany agrees to third consecutive cut in real wages

When the new contract expires on September 30, 2024, the purchasing power of the nearly four million employees covered will be 25 percent less than their wages in April 2018, the last time IG Metall negotiated a change in basic pay scales.

Reuters: Germany’s LNG terminals to cost more than double earlier estimate

TeleSUR: Blizzards Paralyze Large Part of Sweden

Reuters: Norway to fund Ukraine gas procurement with $195 mln aid

WSWS: UK autumn budget means biggest fall in living standards for 70 years

RT: UK faces steepest production slump since pandemic

WSWS: UK nurses speak in support of national strike

FT: UK Eurosceptics warn Sunak over Swiss-style trading relationship

Prime minister Rishi Sunak has been warned by senior Eurosceptics not to sacrifice the “freedoms” of Brexit by pursuing a closer, Swiss-style trading relationship with the EU.

RT: UK bypassing its own sanctions on Russian oil

The UK has purchased at least 39 shipments of Russian oil since February, although the cargoes were registered as imports from other countries, the Sunday Times has reported, citing tanker traffic data and trade statistics.

East Asia and Oceania

Reuters: China COVID cases rise, hard-hit Beijing districts shut schools

China is fighting numerous COVID-19 flare ups, from Zhengzhou in central Henan province to Chongqing in the southwest. It reported 26,824 new local cases for Sunday, nearing the country’s daily pandemic peak in April.

Oil Price: China Bought $60 Billion In Russian Energy Since Start Of Ukraine War

SCMP: Peng Liyuan joins diplomatic whirl in first overseas trip since coronavirus pandemic began

Peng accompanied her husband, President Xi Jinping, to Indonesia and Thailand for last week’s G20 and Apec summits

Reuters: Discounts lift Russia’s fertilizer exports, becomes top supplier to India

WSWS: Sri Lankan president presents IMF-dictated budget

The budget did not include any measures to address the brutal social conditions facing workers and the poor, who are struggling with hyperinflation, shortages of essentials and starvation.

Inquirer: Sri Lanka’s national consumer price inflation slows to 70.6% in Oct

TeleSUR: Death Toll From Indonesia’s Quake Rises to 46

At least 46 people were killed and about 700 others injured after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia’s West Java province on Monday.

Reuters: North Korea’s foreign minister says U.N. secretary general not impartial

“Recently I have often taken the UN secretary-general for a member of the U.S. White House or its State Department,” Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui said in a statement carried by state media defending the nuclear-armed North’s right to develop weapons for self defence.

Central Asia and the Middle East

RT: Kazakh president secures re-election, vows more political reforms

Al Jazeera: Pakistan reopens border crossing with Afghanistan after shooting

WSWS: Biden administration grants immunity to Saudi crown prince, murderer of Jamal Khashoggi

WSWS: Lebanon faces first cholera outbreak in decades

There have been over 1,400 confirmed cases since the first was recorded on October 5.

Al Mayadeen: IRGC launches new series of missiles on terrorist groups in Kurdistan

Al Mayadeen: Turkish airstrikes pave way for land operation in northern Syria, Iraq

FT: Erdoğan signals possible ground offensive in northern Syria

MEMO: Qatar signs 27-year deal with China as LNG competition heats up

QatarEnergy has signed a 27-year deal to supply China’s Sinopec with liquefied natural gas (LNG), the longest such LNG agreement, so far, as volatile markets drive buyers to seek long-term deals, Reuters reports.


Africa News: Kenyan and Congolese presidents holds talks in Kinshasa

TeleSUR: African Countries Mull Standby Force to End Insurgencies​​​​

On Sunday, Ghanaian National Security Minister Albert Kan Dapaah announced that seven member states of the Accra Initiative are considering setting up a standby military force to deal with armed insurgencies within the region.

Counterpunch: The Waters are Running Red in Africa’s Great Lakes Region, by Vijay Prashad

North America

WSWS: Mass shooting at gay nightclub in Colorado leaves at least 5 dead and 25 injured

South America

TeleSUR: Cuban President Diaz-Canel To Visit China

As part of an international tour that also includes Algeria, Russia and Türkiye, Diaz-Canel will arrive in Beijing at the invitation of President Xi Jinping, with whom he is expected to hold talks that will renew the bilateral cooperation and friendship between Cuba and China.

TeleSUR: President Díaz-Canel Meets With Cuban Workers in Russia

The Ukraine Proxy Conflict

The main incident lately is a video of Ukraine killing Russian POWs, much to the understandable fury of the Russian commentariat; even the NYT doesn’t deny this happened, it seems.

Monthly Review: The Polish missile incident was a close brush with nuclear annihilation

I think the article makes the incident out to be a little more fraught than it actually was, and overestimates just how desperate for conflict NATO appears to be (right now, not very), but it’s generally a good description of events.

Naked Capitalism: The Stavka Memorandum: Russia Means Military Power Plus Diselectrification of the Ukraine (“Stormy and Prolonged Applause”)

Posted in the last thread already, but it’s worth reposting here. A thread by John Helmer, the longest continuously serving foreign correspondent in Russia, speculating on the Russian campaign on the electricity grid, which is reaching an ever more desperate state.

MercoPress: Black Sea corridor for Ukraine grain exports renewed; Russia expects similar conditions for its fertilizers


Retrospectives, History, and Theory

Jacobin: The US Helped Destroy Modern Somalia

Jacobin: Argentina’s World Cup 1978: When FIFA Backed a Junta

Michael Roberts: The wage price spiral refuted

The Left and the Right

Monthly Review: Social Democracy will not save us

The Black Liberation Movement in the United States has reached an almost unprecedented level of ideological confusion. Unlike in the 20th century, significant sections of the contemporary Black Left openly embrace an understanding of ‘identity politics’ that is based in philosophical idealism. A somewhat resurgent U.S. Left has, correctly, begun to critique these perceived political errors. Unfortunately, social democrats such as DSA, Jacobin and Cedric Johnson in his award-winning article3 add to the ideological confusion. This essay asserts that contrary to the claims of advancing democracy and freedom, social democracy has consistently undermined the struggle for national liberation and socialism.

Inside the Imperial Core

Jacobin: Canada Has a Trust Problem. Spoiler: It’s Because of Class Conflict.

A recently released public opinion poll points to low and dropping trust in Canada across areas of concern. But trust doesn’t just disappear — low trust is the inevitable result of capitalist depredation leaving working people in a constant state of struggle.

Canadian Dimension: Canada’s ‘sustainable transition’ is increasingly tied up with Washington’s war on China

Outside the Imperial Core

People’s Daily: Could Türkiye become gas hub for Europe?

Türkiye is trying to make the most of its good geographic location to become an energy hub between Russia, world’s leading exporter of natural gas, and the European market, even as the EU is seeking to reduce its reliance on Russia’s energy after the latter’s special military operation in Ukraine, but experts say this is a bumpy path filled with challenges.

Jacobin: Turkey Is Starving the Rojava Revolution

Anti War: The Cuba Embargo: Isolating America

This year, on November 3, the condemnation of the US was even stronger. The US lost one of its abstaining allies and was condemned by the world by a vote of 185-2. Only Israel voted with the US, and only Ukraine and Brazil abstained.

Counterpunch: Liberating Africa from Poverty Requires Changing Power Relations with the West 

Climate Change

Common Dreams: The New York Times and a New Climate Denialism

Common Dreams: Global South Campaigners Applauded for Securing Loss and Damage Fund in COP27 Deal

A decadeslong pressure campaign by policymakers and advocates in the Global South was credited Sunday with pushing wealthy nations to finally drop their opposition to a “loss and damage” fund to help developing countries that face some of the worst climate impacts, allowing the financing plan to be included in the final agreement out of the meeting.