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I’m gonna be honest, I’ve looked through the articles today and like, a solid 80% of it is just garbage or the same event covered 20 times by different media outlets. And I was like, “Am I really gonna write a whole update post just for most of it to be put into the trash bin that is Dipshittery?” and I decided: no, I respect you all too much.

So for the first time, and hopefully the last time if journalists get their shit together, here’s the mini-update for today.


British police are arresting people for criticizing the monarchy. In bad authoritarian country, you get put in jail for expressing a lack of support for the supreme dictator, etc etc. The British pound is at a 37 year low against the dollar as retail sales have plummeted.

Pelosi is going to Armenia, after Azerbaijan strikes Armenia a bunch presumably after receiving a sign from the West to start shit near Russia, as America is both the arsonist and the firefighter on the world stage. These clashes have killed over 200 people. In that same vein, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan are fighting on their border.

China’s economy shows some signs of recovery with higher industrial production and retail sales but they aren’t out of the woods yet. China is coming for gamers. China has sanctioned US military companies because they’ve sold arms to Taiwan. There’s a huge fire engulfing a skyscraper in Changsha in China.

Mongolia says that they support Russia-China oil and gas pipelines through Mongolia. Indonesia is experiencing big street protests in response to rising fuel prices. South Australia is set to be the first big grid to run on 100% renewables.

Africa has 92 million out of 160 million child labourers around the world, and the pandemic has exacerbated the situation.

Joe Biden has gone against his earlier announcement that would empower states and tribes to protect waterways against pollution, by supporting a deal that expedites approval of new energy projects that would steamroll opposition to new pipelines. Fossil fuel companies are misleading the public on climate change initiatives.

Maduro has expressed support for the meeting between Putin and Xi, saying that it ratifies a coming multipolar world.

345 million people face starvation in 82 countries, twice the number than before the pandemic.


The US is sending another $600 million in arms to Ukraine. Stoltenberg has said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive was effective but not the end of the war.

Also, Ukraine has struck the Kherson city administration while it was in session, assassinated the Prosecutor General of the LPR and his Deputy with a bomb in his office, and murdered the Deputy Mayor of Berdyansk and his wife. Maybe soon, Russia will upgrade their SMO to a counter-terrorism operation, thus giving them more powers to use against Ukraine?

Good News and Good Takes

Workers are organizing all across the US and in smaller brands too, not just the big ones like Starbucks and Amazon. Minor League Baseball players have won their union.

Europe has a greater blame for the energy crisis than Putin does, expresses Canadian Dimension, saying that Europe is arrogant and self-righteous. Sanctions are in fact warfare and they do kill people.

The meeting of Putin and Xi at the SCO marks the rise of Eurasia, as the SCO increases its number of members, and in contrast, few developing nations express support for the West.

And, as always:

I Love My Trans Comrades!

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