• Putin says that Russia has withstood the sanction blitzkrieg - the economy is stabilizing, the ruble is returning to normal levels. Stocks of goods in retail chains are recovering, demand has returned to normal. He says that the Russian budget should saturate the economy with finances and maintain its liquidity. They also plan to accelerate the transition of exports to rubles and national currencies of other countries. The government will increase all social benefits, pensions, and salaries of state employees.
  • Russia and Belarus have fixed the price of gas in Russian rubles until the end of the year, and that since April, the price of gas has been completely independent of the dollar.
  • Products from Kherson are beginning to be traded with Russia for rubles.
  • Nakedcapitalism: Naive Questions About Russia’s War Economy
  • Hunger games: Ukrainians slam Western agribusinesses for staying in Russia


  • France does not need gas from Russia and will “promote” sanctions against it - Macron.
  • Meanwhile… Spain may cut electricity to France
  • Germany’s Henkel announces decision to exit business activities in Russia


  • Mexico votes against electricity reform. “Washington recently claimed that as much as $10 billion of US investments were at risk.”
  • Mexico’s House of Deputies votes to nationalize its lithium stores. It will now go to the Senate.
  • India plans to increase its oil purchases from Russia, due to more attractive prices.
  • Sri Lanka healthcare on verge of collapse in economic crisis
  • Biden’s Gas Exports Create Imported Headaches
  • LNG shipments to Europe are driving up prices — and curbing supplies — as executives stay on the sidelines.
  • The Ukrainian Proxy War Exposes The West’s Military-Industrial Limitations
  • Libya suspends production at its largest oilfield

Diplomatically and Politically:

In/between Ukraine/Russia:

  • Zelensky submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill to extend martial law in Ukraine
  • Russia says that Ukraine is planning a provocation with the mass destruction of civilians in Odessa.
  • Russia says it will only use conventional weapons in Ukraine (as opposed to chemical weapons or nukes), in response to Zelensky’s statement that Russia may use tactical nukes.
  • Rozovsky district of Zaporozhye region voted for joining the DPR.
  • Russia will not initiate an international investigation into the events in Ukraine, including in Bucha, in the UN, as it doubts the impartiality of the investigation.
  • Lavrov: Russia’s operation in Ukraine stems from West’s desire to dominate the world. No lies detected.


  • OneWorld: It’s Counterproductive For The EU To Comply With The US’ Demands To “Do More” In Ukraine
  • The US is holding a meeting today with France, Germany, UK, Canada, Italy, Poland, and Romania due to the start of the Russian offensive.
  • Barbados and Rwanda strengthening ties
  • A New Phase Against Western Colonialism in Africa?
  • Le Pen vows to keep Russia close to prevent an alliance with China
  • China to boost ties with Russia regardless of international situation — senior diplomat
  • Argentina To Re-Establish Diplomatic Relations With Venezuela
  • Russia’s war in Ukraine may boost German interest in military service. “She holds firm to the vow that Germany will never again be an aggressor or commit genocide. But to never again prepare for or participate in a war? Suddenly, that seemed naive. War between nations had returned to Europe — “something,” she said, “we never thought was possible.”” The kids are not alright. At least, this kid isn’t.


Ukraine in general:

  • The Battle for Donbass has begun. There’s too much going on to get very granular, and it won’t make much sense without a map (I suggest Defense Politics Asia if you want information like that) but I’ll cover what movements I can find.
  • Heavy shelling across the entire Donbass front.
  • Heavy Russian strikes in Mykolaiv, Kharkov and Gulaypole.
  • Explosions also in Kiev.
  • Russia confirms a strike on a logistics center in Lviv, and that large consignments of foreign weapons that arrived in Ukraine over the past six days have been destroyed. The Pentagon offers no comment.
  • Russia destroys a Tochka-U missile plant in Dnipro.
  • Russian troops strike 1,260 Ukrainian military targets overnight
  • Footage of Russian heavy flamethrower vehicles driving across Ukraine.
  • Pentagon announces it intends to train Ukrainian troops to handle American artillery, as well as other types of weapons.
  • Moon of Alabama: The Ukraine Is Still Losing So What Is Its Plan? They don’t seem to know either. They speculate it’s to try and last long enough to draw NATO in to save them but even then, there’s a decent chance that Russia would prevail.
  • Interesting interview with the Russian Deputy PM on Russia’s military arsenal (I suppose ‘arsenal of oligarchy’ if the western media wrote the article)

Eastern Ukraine:

  • Russia expands near Izyum, going southwest and south.
  • Fighting in Rubezhnoye and on the outskirts of Severodonetsk.
  • Slow advance deep into Popasnaya.
  • Russia controls Novoalexandrovka, Boguslavsky, and Malinovka.

Southern Ukraine:

  • Russia invites all remaining Ukrainians in Azovstal to leave and surrender today until 16:00.
  • Kadryov says that the “Bandera in Mariupol” will be finished off “today or tomorrow”.


  • Russians spend less time on social media after Instagram ban
  • The Azov Battalion telegram appears to have been taken over by Russia (either that or this is an extremely strange bit), and they’ve lately briefly described how Ukraine has been invested with neo-Nazis, and the Nazi history of the country.
  • Google denies making any blurring changes to satellite images of Russian military bases. I don’t think it would matter in the slightest because the US military would just get their own unblurred maps, and what would the average Russian, let alone the average person, do with images of Russian military bases anyway? Area 51 raid 2.0?
  • The US intends to put more nuclear weapons in the UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey. A British air force base is being upgraded so that nuclear-capabale F-35s can be stationed there.
  • Centrism Can Fight Populism With Populism. “Carried too far, populism is obviously dangerous. It mixes easily with xenophobia, anti-capitalism, and illiberal programs of right and left. … Centrist policies accelerated trade and technological change, which left many struggling. Then came the Great Recession, induced by incompetent financial regulation. Next, Covid-19, the draconian measures adopted to contain it, and the current surge in inflation. … In many cases, centrist policy makers caused or aggravated these problems. So why do they expect to be trusted to solve them? No doubt, the answers offered by hard-left or far-right populists would make things worse … In all these ways, technocratic centrists such as Macron are at a disadvantage. They’re rightly preoccupied with trade-offs, constraints and complications.” IF THE WORD HATE WAS ENGRAVED ON EACH NANOANGSTROM OF THOSE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MILES IT WOULD NOT EQUAL ONE ONE-BILLIONTH OF THE HATE I FEEL FOR LIBERALS AT THIS MICRO-INSTANT. HATE. HATE.