• Thousands of trucks from Russia and Belarus are/were stuck at the EU border, and sanctions that prohibit Russian and Belarusian carriers from being in the territory of the EU came into force today. The queue is/was 50-80km long at the Belarus-Poland checkpoint and it will take 3-10 days to get them all out of the EU may have already gotten out of the EU(?) according to on-the-ground reporting by @Gosplan14_Redux. There are several border crossings.
  • Economic disarray continues in Germany - many restaurants are no longer making profits and the prices of food have nearly doubled already in some cases.
  • Deutsche Bank’s VP forecasts a 10% consumer price hike in Germany. edit: German source.
  • Only 36% of Britons now support restrictions against Russia, down from 50%.
  • 49% of German residents are dissatisfied with Scholz; he has an approval rating of 38%.
  • L’Occitane to close all stores in Russia.
  • Romania bans Russian ships from entering its ports.
  • Russia boosts export quotas for fertilizers by almost 700,000 tons until May 31


  • Huawei will partner with the Kenyan government to expand the country’s broadband infrastructure.
  • Shanghai cargo backlogs are a precursor to global port congestion, which may cause a global supply chain shockwave
  • Seed banks: the last line of defense against a threatening global food crisis
  • Massive spread of avian flu is driving up egg prices
  • Egypt decides to ramp up imports of wheat from Russia, as well as Russian agricultural equipment to become more self-sustainable and grow more food itself.

Diplomatically and Politically:

In/between Ukraine/Russia:

  • Ukraine claims that in Kherson, a referendum on the creation of the Kherson People’s Republic is being prepared, and that witnesses say that ballots for the referendum are already being printed. According to her, the referendum will be held in early May. On the one hand they’ve claimed this before and probably want to make Russia and the republics look bad; on the other, it’s undeniable that Russia is making itself at home in the region.
  • Russia sees risks of unintentional clashes with NATO in Arctic


  • The US will host a summit for ASEAN, consisting of Brunei, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, on May 12th and 13th this year.
  • Boris Johnson will visit India and meet with Modi this week in a bid to strengthen security ties with India.
  • The latest reset: India and the United States amid Ukraine war. I just wanna draw attention to this quote real quick: “After Blinken raised concerns about human rights in India, Jaishankar responded by saying India too has concerns about human rights in America. The next day, Blinken noted: “The US and India have always had much to learn from one another… interactions with Gandhi influenced a key figure in our nation’s journey: Martin Luther King, Jr. We share a special bond indeed.”” wtf???
  • China says it will use its space station together with Russia, other countries


Ukraine in general:

  • Russia offered Ukrainian militants until 6am today (already passed) to lay down their arms, guaranteeing the preservation of life. Russian broadcasted this message every half hour on the radio, and fired leaflets into the Azovstal plant with instructions. Kiev banned negotiations on the surrender, ordering Azov to kill anybody who wants to surrender.
  • Russia claims that 23,367 Ukrainian soldiers have been killed, 4000 of them in Mariupol alone. Russia will publish their own deaths and casualties soon.
  • Explosions in: Kharkiv and Kiev.
  • Gruesome footage of dead Ukrainian soldiers near Izyum.
  • Anti-personnel mines found in a Ukrainian warehouse, which were banned and supposedly all destroyed in 1997 when Ukraine joined the Convention of the Prohibition of Anti-personnel mines.
  • Zelensky Aide Urges Europe To Speed Up Weapons Transfers Amid Concern Over Ukraine’s Ammunition Inventory

Southern Ukraine:

  • Number of surrendering Ukrainians in Mariupol is now a total of 1400-1700.
  • There were about 8000 Ukrainian soldiers in Mariupol at the time of its encirclement, which consisted of various brigades of the Ukrainian armed forces as well as a few Nazi formations, and foreign mercenaries.
  • Russia sends an ultimatum to Zelensky that if the surrender of Azovstal was not agreed, the plant would be razed to the ground with vacuum bombs, and everybody inside would be buried alive.
  • Russia shoots down a Ukrainian military transport aircraft near Odessa, which planned to deliver a large batch of weapons from western countries.


  • Will Trump be able to wade his way out of troubled waters again?
  • Spanish village renamed ‘Ukraine’ in solidarity.
  • WaPo: The West thought money could tame dictators. Has Putin proved it can’t? Globalization was supposed to bring peace through capitalism
  • Long article on the recent history of Ukraine; Maidan, Poroshenko, Zelensky, Russia, and the invasion.