• Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance: “The financial condition of Ukraine is so bad that today it faces a question of survival. If the West wants Ukraine to continue to fight, it must be provided with urgent financial assistance.”
  • Vladimir Zelensky told the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, that Kiev needs $7 billion a month to pay salaries.
  • “The restructuring of the Russian economy will take many years” - Head of the Accounts Chamber of Russia.
  • Russia reports that there has not been a mass outflow of scientists and that Russia was importing scientific equipment, the supply of which has now been cut off. 8 billion rubles will be allocated to replace the equipment.
  • Russia reports that the situation of car sales will improve and the price increase will make it possible to fulfill the important substitution plan.
  • Russian PM notes that Russia fully provides itself, over 100%, with grain, vegetable oil, fish, and meat, and over 80% for potatoes, milk, and vegetables.
  • Putin: Russia will dramatically increase the share of payments in national currencies in its exports. The most important task now is to prepare the foreign exchange market for the transition to export settlements for rubles. Russia should diversify its exports by betting on the markets of the south and east.
  • Finnish ‘loopholes’ allow imports of Russian coal and oil to continue
  • Stagflation Risk Has Investors Sinking Billions Into Hedges
  • The annual rate of inflation in Lithuania is 15.6%, the highest in the entire European Union.


  • Colombia says that it can increase its energy supply to replace Russian energy resources with its own, as well as supply some to Germany.
  • Russia offers to conduct settlements with African countries in cryptocurrency as well as national currencies. The head of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Katyrin, also proposed a specialized export-import bank, as well as a trust fund to support activities of small and medium-sized busineses in African countries.

Diplomatically and Politically:

In/between Ukraine/Russia:

  • Medvedev: “If Sweden and Finland join NATO, Russia will have more opponents.”
  • Medvedev: Moscow will have to deploy significant forces to its borders with Finland in response to Sweden and Finland joining NATO … deploying nuclear arms to the region might well be a possible way of “restoring the balance” of security in the area.
  • Relatives of a British soldier captured in Mariupol ask to be treated humanely. The soldiers said to his followers on social networks that “48 days have passed, we tried out best to defend Mariupol but we have no other choice but to surrender to Russian forces. We don’t have food or ammunition.” Get fucked, Nazi merc.
  • Nine humanitarian corridors today, to evacuate residents of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Tokmak and Energodar to Zaporozhye.


  • Pakistan’s Imran Khan speaks in front of massive crowds: “I am announcing today, the war for our independence begins from today, imported government rejected. I am going to be on streets with my people until the government is forced to go for next general elections. Americans, we don’t need your forgiveness, who even are you to forgive us. This isn’t 70s Pakistan, this is social media’s Pakistan, no one can stop these youngsters. Listen My Youth! When you say La ilaha illa Allah [There is no God But One]. This means we cannot bow down to any superpower.” The lack of coverage of this by most media is really convincing me that the US really did try and do regime change here. And, well, succeeded - let’s see if this turns out like Bolivia.
  • According to some sources close to the government in Turkey, the government will attempt to normalize relations with Syria and make peace with Assad. I will believe it when I see it.
  • Le Pen, like Macron, refuses to call the fighting in Ukraine a “genocide”.
  • The UN Secretary General refused to call the events in Ukraine “genocide”. Man, Biden’s really being left out to dry here.
  • Psaki: Biden’s use of the term “genocide” was improvisation, he has the opportunity to express his views at any time.
  • Latvia is looking for a loophole to be able to legally destroy a monument to Soviet soldiers in Riga.
  • Latvia says that it has already given a third of its annual military budget in two months to help Ukraine.
  • The second round of presidential elections in South Ossetia will be held on April 28th.
  • Moldova bans the St. George ribbon, as well as the symbols Z and V. In response, the Communist Party of Moldova blocked the podium in parliament, saying “Who are you to evaluate and rewrite our history, our attitude to the great victory over fascism, which we got at a terrible price?”
  • India has said that it is tracking human rights abuses in the US, including those targeting Americans of Indian origin.


  • China says it has heat-seeking hypersonic missiles, which would allow them to home in on virtually any target, including stealth aircraft.
  • $800 million US package to Ukraine, up to a total of $2.4 billion in military aid so far in the conflict. This roound, there’s helicopters, artillery systems, and APCs.
  • NATO countries give more tanks to Ukraine.
  • Greece will no longer supply weapons to Ukraine, saying that sending any more would negatively affect Greece’s defense capability.
  • A border checkpoint in Bryansk was shelled by Ukraine, which had no casualties, only damaging cars.
  • Russian Defense Ministry: “If strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation continue, the Russian Armed Forces will strike at decision-making centers, including in Kiev”
  • In response: Ukrainian shells hit the border village of Klimovo, injuring 7 people including a pregnant woman.
  • The Russian flagship, the Moskva, was seriously damaged after, I believe, being hit by a Ukrainian missile while it was distracted with a drone. Russia claims that it maintains buoyancy and there is no open fires and ammo explosions have been stopped. It has been safely evacuated, no casualties. Some (albeit funny) cope coming out about this on Russian telegram, including a meme of a Ukrainian tractor towing it. On the Ukrainian side, there has been disinformation about it, e.g. posting images of unrelated damaged ships with tons of smoke billowing out in order to make it look worse than it is.
  • Yet more explosions in Kharkiv.
  • Footage of many Ukrainian corpses in trenches as the DPR advances.
  • Remnants of the 53rd brigade of Ukrainian attempted to escape to Zaporozhye, south of Dnipro, and was destroyed.
  • Strategic bombers of the Russian Aerospace Forces have been put on high alert. Apparently Russia is planning on using heavy bombers now in preparation for the second stage of the war, which will radically change Russia’s military tactics.
  • DPR reports that 1350 Ukrainian marines have surrendered - whether this is just a few hundred more from the previous reports of 1026 soldiers surrendering or an entirely new batch, I don’t know.
  • Increasing numbers of videos of Ukrainian POWs coming out; it’s obviously difficult to know what is and isn’t coerced. Some of them are being shown videos of other Ukrainians damaging villages, and then apologizing saying they didn’t know this was happening; a general trend is that they’re fairly remorseful and also, interestingly, that the Ukrainian command has abandoned them.
  • Chechens capture an American mercenary alive.

Dipshittery and Cope:

  • Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Tahoma, and Helvetica fonts are locked for customers in Russia. Soon, there will be nothing but Wingdings.
  • Nikolaev’s head of administration says “German tanks will again drive on Ukrainian soil and shoot at Russian tanks.” I… well… that’s…


  • China completes the construction of 250 hydrogen refueling stations, 40% of the global total, in its pledge to develop hydrogen energy to mitigate climate change.
  • Wolff: The Role of Capitalism in the War in Ukraine
  • Doomberg clarifies Europe’s LNG situation, saying how Europe will either need to tighten its belt or go nuclear for at least a few years.