• Ukraine International Airport extends the suspension of its flights until May 31st


  • Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov was asked if Russia will cut off gas deliveries to Europe if it refuses to pay in rubles, and said: “No payment - no gas.”


  • US attempts to contain China and Russia will not succeed, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said, after Washington calls Russia an “acute threat” and China a “permanent rival.”
  • RT reports “Chinese firms look to cash in on Western exodus from Russia”
  • [RT reports](‘Impossible’ to sanction Russian gold, financier tells RT ) “‘Impossible’ to sanction Russian gold, financier tells RT”
  • RT reports “Russia sanctions may lead to global energy crisis”
  • Rating agency Fitch said on Tuesday it has withdrawn its ratings of 27 Russian banks, four of their affiliates and related financing special purpose vehicles, for sanction-related reasons.
  • Nakedcapitalism analyses US’s LNG transport system and finds that it’s already close to maximum capacity and so shifting LNG to Europe would result in taking LNG from other places.



  • Russia doing “we give candy to children!” propaganda, fairly standard stuff, though they do seem to be actually helping with humanitarian aid during this conflict so it’s not all bullshit
  • Russia sets up a checkpoint on the road near Chernihiv, which refugees can safely pass through. Weapons are being confiscated from civilians (or those dressed like them) there.
  • Ukrainian delegation arrives in Istanbul to meet with the Russian delegation already there to see if a deal can be put together. However, Kadyrov insists that there’s no point to them and that Russia must “finish what it started”
  • Erdogan calls for ‘concrete results’ in talks, end to ‘tragedy’ of war. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told the Ukrainian and Russian delegations that they have a “historic responsibility” to stop the war.
  • Ukraine promised to take toughest measures against criminals who tortured Russian servicemen - Medinsky
  • Ukraine’s deputy prime minister accuses the Red Cross of helping Russia and working for the enemy after assisting in Russia’s genocide of Mariupol by evacuating the civilians from it.


  • A meeting between Macron and Putin is scheduled for 17:30 Moscow time, and a message to the media about the conversation will be released at about 19:00 Moscow time.
  • Zelensky addresses Danish parliament.
  • The South Korean president-elect has spoken to Zelensky by phone.
  • Russia expelled 10 diplomats from Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania today.
  • Serbia’s Minister Aleksandar Vulin has strongly criticized anti-Russian hysteria in Europe:

“It is incredible many find it right and normal to expel a Russian child from school or deny a patient medical treatment for the sole reason the child or patient is Russian or to take away people’s property and remove authors like Dostoyevsky from textbooks for the same reason,”



  • “The special military operation in Ukraine will continue until the set goals are achieved”: Russian Defense Minister Shoigu. Which suggests that the capture of Donbass is not the end of the road.
  • Intelslava: “A soldier of the 503rd military regiment promised never to take up arms again. In addition, he told how the nationalists showed their “patriotism” by torturing civilians.”
  • Footage of Russian forces clearing mines near Chernihiv.
  • Ukrainian drone footage confirms the recapture of Irpin, near Kiev, and Ukrainian forces claim to have taken several other villages in the vicinity. Unsurprising if the focus has shifted.
  • Russia confirms they destroyed a large fuel depot in Ukraine’s Rivne region yesterday.
  • The Mykolaiv regional administration building was destroyed by a Russian cruise missile. Ukrainian armed forces are also being shelled at night in the vicinity of the city.
  • Intelslava suggests that, based on their information, Mykolaiv will be the next city after Mariupol is cleared up, and that “locals should leave while this is still possible”. There is a photo of a column of Russian troops moving towards Mykolaiv.
  • Al Jazeera’s Stefanie Dekker, reporting from Mykolaiv, says the southern Ukrainian port city remains “very tense” after the alleged Russian attack on an administration building there.
  • Ukraine’s newest figures are 17,200 Russian troops dead, compared to Russia’s figures of 1350 Russian troops dead.


  • More footage of soldiers clearing out Mariupol. They’re moving along the left bank now.
  • This has already been discussed in the megathread but I’ll repost it here for completeness: A Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter was shot down near Mariupol, presumably to evacuate some Azov members. The airspace is shut tight though, so who knows what they were thinking.
  • RWA has footage of Vasily Prozorov, former officer of the Security Service of Ukraine, taking down the sign at the Azov base in Ursuf (a suburb of Mariupol). He says “I’ve waited eight years for this” with a big smile on his face.
  • The DPR reports that “the fortified area of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is littered with corpses” in the Marinka area.
  • However: Ukraine’s army says it successfully repelled seven Russian attacks in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, two regions partially controlled by pro-Moscow separatists.


  • Nazis attacked an Orthodox priest in the Cherkasy region, which is in central Ukraine.
  • Russian government has granted a waiver from army service to all tech experts of draft age.
  • Rafael Grossi, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), has arrived in Ukraine to provide urgent technical assistance to ensure the security of nuclear facilities and help avert the risk of an accident, the IAEA said Tuesday.
  • The western disinformation machine hilariously shifts its description of Abramovich from “oligarch” to “entrepreneur” after his alleged Russian poisoning. You cannot make this shit up.
  • Additionally, Moon of Alabama investigates these claims of poisoning and finds them wanting.
  • A photo taken of Biden’s notes while making the speech.