Russia and Ukraine:

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government, Central Bank and Gazprom to implement measures to switch to ruble payments for gas for unfriendly countries by March 31.
  • Russia will not supply gas for free if Europeans refuse to pay for fuel in rubles
  • Central Bank of Ukraine reports that “99.2% of funds [have been] spent from a bank account created on February 24 for the needs of Ukrainian troops.” Is this true? Is this encouraging foreign donations? Perhaps both? Either way, not good for Ukraines morale.
  • Biden says - “ruble was almost immediately reduced to rubble”, but is currently trading at only 20% below pre-war levels.
  • Russia’s stock market reopened today.
  • Russia’s war has so far cost Ukraine $564.9bn worth of damage to infrastructure, lost economic growth and other factors, the latter’s economy minister has said.


  • EU will remain dependent on Russian energy resources until at least 2027 - European Commission
  • Dutch brewing giant Heineken said on Monday it has decided to exit its business in Russia, after previously saying it would halt new investments and exports there.


  • Fertilizer trading at double its price during the 2008 financial crisis, having gone vertical.
  • Oil up 30%, Nickel up 50%, aluminium up 10%, wheat up 30%, corn up 20%.


  • Ukrainian Presidential adviser Arestovych commented on the video showing Ukrainians shoot Russian POWs, stating that he harshly condemns such behavior, that Ukraine “doesn’t abuse prisoners because it’s a European country” & the events on the video “look like a war crime”.
  • Zelensky: “I’ve talked to the defenders of Mariupol today. Their determination, heroism and firmness are astonishing, If only those who have been thinking for 31 days on how to hand over dozens of jets and tanks had one percent of their courage.”
  • Just a brief mention - Biden approval rating falls to record low, lmfao
  • Germany’s Chancellor Scholz says it is not NATO’s objective to achieve regime change in Russia - now both Scholz and Macron have shown a tiny rift between them and Biden. Hopefully it widens?
  • A total of 45 Russian diplomats expelled by Poland have left the country, the RIA news agency reported. Russia’s ambassador to Poland, Sergei Andreev, warned of consequences for this.
  • Ukraine will insist on sovereignty and territorial integrity at the next round of peace negotiations with Russia that is to take place in Turkey, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said late on Sunday.



  • Ukrainian military is sometimes using trucks from the postage service DHL to transport mortars and mortar crews. These trucks were apparently given to them by the company.
  • Footage of the Russians driving through Gostomel airfield, northwest of Kiev, which looks pretty destroyed.
  • Also northwest of Kiev, Russia appears to occupy Borodyanka based on photos, which correlates with Defense Politics Asia’s map.
  • Russia destroys a military base near Chernihiv.
  • Russian missiles strike Lutsk (not far from Lviv), and Uman (about halfway between Odessa and Kiev), Zhytomyr (west of Kiev, beyond the front), and Kiev. Seems to be fuel depots.


  • Russia (or DPR) appears to be advancing south of Izyum towards Slovyansk, a large city in the Donetsk oblast, along the major road between Kharkiv and Donetsk (city). The river Seversky Donets runs through Izyum and the general area - there have been days-long battles by the Russians to cross it safely.
  • DPR capture Verkhn’otorets’ke, a village north of Donetsk city, and are advancing beyond it.
  • DPR continues to advance on Gorlovsky, which is a large-ish city a bit further north than Verkhn’otorets’ke.
  • Russian (or DPR) raise their flag over the northern Kalmiussky district of Mariupol.
  • Azov continues to flee as soon as the situation gets hot rather than try and defend with their lives, reports the Russians. Azov’s main base is under attack. Azov is also " firing from behind the backs of civilians"
  • update: An Azov base in Mariupol has been destroyed, and the remaining Azov forces have been effectively cut in half. According to reports on the ground, they’re leaving behind whole districts to retreat into the Azovstal factory.
  • Apparently, the Chechen Republic has confirmed that Kadyrov is actually in Mariupol and commanding a special operation.
  • Apparently a lion escaped from Mariupol Zoo and is running around the city. Hope he eats some Nazis?
  • Mayor Vadym Boichenko said about 160,000 civilians were trapped in Mariupol without power.


  • Chechens are cleaning up Rubizhne, in the LPR, of Nazis disguised as civilians trying to escape the city.
  • LPR takes out (some? most? all?) Ukrainian-controlled Popasna’s artillery.