• Rather than give in to Russia’s completely unreasonable demand for their fuel to be paid in rubles, Germany is bravely putting themselves into a recession by ending the import of coal from Russia by the autumn, and is weaning itself off fossil fuels imported from Russia by the end of the year.
  • The US is setting up a task force to make sure the EU gets enough natural gas to power itself, until at least 2030. This, I’m assuming, will only go well.


  • Russia seems fairly okay with being expelled from the G20, as most of the countries in it are at economic war with them.
  • Turkey will not join sanctions against Russia due to its natural gas needs.
  • Finland halts trains going into Russia from March 28th onwards.
  • Biden is going to be visiting a Polish town on the border with Ukraine today.
  • Russia is opening a case into the US biolabs in Ukraine.
  • Russia opens a corridor for 67 foreign ships docked at Ukraine to escape.
  • The freezing of Russian oligarch assets continues around the world.
  • Greece invites Zelensky to speak to their parliament.


  • Russia says it’s delivered 8000 tons of humanitarian aid so far over the course of the invasion.
  • Russia destroyed the largest remaining fuel base in Ukraine yesterday, which supplied fuel to Ukrainian forces.
  • Ukraine claims that Russia hit an aid center in Kharkiv, with 4 deaths reported. Russia has not said anything yet. There’s been a lot of bombing and shelling around Kharkiv lately, including the airport.
  • Russian missiles strike a military target near Dnipro, causing “serious destruction”.
  • Russia hit a base of the “International Legion”, though I’m not sure if this is new or one of the other Reddit brigades from before.
  • A group of troops of the Russian Armed Forces advanced another 4 kilometers overnight and captured the settlements of Batmanka, Mikhailovka, Krasny Partizan, Stavki and Troitskoye. I’m having trouble locating these as I think they use Russian names for Ukrainian places. Possibly around Mykolaiv and Odessa?
  • Russia is claiming that Odessa can be encircled.
  • The government of Ukraine has prepared for the evacuation from Kyiv. This is indicated by the decision of the Verkhovna Rada to support the introduction of amendments to two laws: “On the central authorities” and “On the legal regime of martial law.” This is not the move you make if you’re making huge advances in that area.
  • Ukrainian authorities in Izyum are cooperating with the Russian military, including the location of the Ukrainian forces and Nazis, in exchange for humanitarian aid.
  • The liberation of Mariupol from the Nazis continues apace.
  • The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation will publish a “White Book” on the events in the Donbass with evidence of the crimes of Ukrainian nationalists.